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Equine Facilitated Learning

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We offer short weekend workshops to introduce you to the learning and healing potential of horse-human play and connection. Dulce builds on the EponaQuest model of equine-experiental learning, where she is certified as an Advanced Instructor, integrating unique aspects of her own work and research:

Workshops: May 2020 & Sep 2020 in Skull Valley, AZ (Prescott area, 1.5 hours north of Phoenix). 

One-week intensives build on the introductory level to give you an in-depth experience of EFL: (1) reflective and active ground work with horses; (2) reflective riding; (3) expressive arts and movement; and (4) role of the energy body in horse-human interactions. Workshops:Fall 2020, Skull Valley, AZ.

Workshop dates will be posted by March 31st. 

The one-year apprenticeship program is tailored to those who want to obtain a rigorous and well-rounded education in the art of equine-facilitated learning. At the end of the program, students will have developed an in-depth understanding of EFL theory and practice based on a variety of practice models and the latest research available in the field. Students will also develop an in-depth understanding of the role of energy in horse-human interactions, and of the healing potential in the relationship between man and Mother Earth. 

The apprenticeship program will include lessons in natural horsemanship, through which participants: (a) explore the dynamics of the horse's prey psyche; (b) develop the ability to observe and identify how horses make decisions; (c) have in-depth experiences in non-verbal communication; and (d) commit to becoming a student of the horse. 
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